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A Brief History

The Abbeyview Bowling Club was established in 1967. The club is set in the Centre of Abbeyview, which is the largest public sector-housing scheme in Fife. The Dunfermline Town Council administered the facilities at the outdoor Bowling Green, putting green and tennis courts with a paid council employee placed at the park pavilion. Subsequent changes within the local authority structures led to the decision to withdraw the park attendant to save money and this led to the closure of the tennis courts and the putting green. In 1981 the 40 – 60 regular bowlers took the decision to apply for a lease from the council and also sought permission for a license to sell alcohol. In 1983 a twenty one-year lease was agreed with the council. Loans were received from The Dunfermline Carnegie Trust (£10,000) and from Tennent Caledonian Brewers (£15,000) who were repaid within twelve of trading. This allowed the club to build an extension on to the existing small pavilion and since then the club has not looked back.

New Indoor Arena

Abbeyview's new state of the art arena is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Fife. The indoor facility comprises of 8 international size rinks , a 120 seater half glass fronted lounge and an 80 seater open to the playing area lounge, cafe, bar and restaurant facilities are available in both lounges. There is seven fully qualified coaches offering courses to schools and community groups as well as new members the new arena is now available for play .

8 rink Dimensions in metres


Construction Photo Gallery


Site For the New Arena                                26-05-03 we've Built a Hole


29-05-03           Foundations being Laid          06-06-03


10-06-03                                                            12-06-03


12-06-03                                                             12-06-03


16-06-03                                                            19-06-03


19-06-03                                                             06-07-03


10-07-03                                                             16-07-03


17-07-03                                                              27-07-03


27-07-03                                                              10-08-03


07-09-03                                                             07-09-03


10-09-03                                                              13-09-03


20-09-03                                                             21-09-03


25-09-03                                                               26-09-03


26-09-03                                                              03-10-03


03-10-03                                                             03-10-03


07-02-04                                                            07-02-04


07-02-04                                                               07-02-04

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