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Super Three Singles


Rules & Regulations

Abbeyview “Super” Three Bowl Singles


Rules & Playing Conditions’


1.  A ‘match’ shall constitute each player having three bowls each and will consist of three sets, each played over 3 ends. The winner of each set shall be the player with the most shots at the completion of the third end. A set shall be decided (with advice from the marker as may be required) if at any point it becomes impossible for one player to draw or win the set given the number of ends remaining.


Each match shall be the best of three sets.


2.  If the shots scored are tied after the last end of a set, the set shall be halved or drawn (scored ½ to each player ). If the match is tied at one and a half sets each, a one end, one bowl ‘shootout’ will be played to determine the winner. In the one bowl ‘shootout’, the player winning the toss shall choose whether to take the jack or give it to their opponent.


     3.  A trial end shall be allowed prior to the start of each match.


4.  The player winning the toss shall have the choice of starting or giving away the jack in the first and third set and their opponent shall have that choice in the second set.

     A full-length jack will be at the 2m T mark, from the 2m mat line.


5.  In the event of the jack being hit off rink, it shall be replaced at one of two predefined points on the rink which are 300mm behind the 2m T mark and half way between the centre line of the rink and the edge of the rink, before the next bowl is delivered or the end decided.


·        If the jack is hit off the rink to the right it shall be positioned on the right hand predefined point.


·        If the jack is hit off to the left, it shall be positioned on the left hand predefined point.


     When the predefined point is occupied, the jack shall be repositioned at the nearest available position along the line between the predefined points and the centre line of the rink, but not touching an obstructing bowl.


6.  In the one bowl ‘shootout’ ONLY a player may elect to ‘Kill’ or ‘Burn’ the end. There shall be NO RESTRICTIONS to the number of times the ‘shootout end’ can be ‘killed’ BUT the player must clearly declare to the marker their intention to kill the end, prior to the delivery of each bowl, unless such a prior declaration is made the re-spot rule, (no 5) will apply.


7.  The jack, when played into the ditch within the rink width, shall remain in play, and an indicator placed on the bank over the jacks position as well as the normal ditch marker


8.  Any bowl leaving the confines of the rink (except on delivery) and not a live toucher in the ditch, shall be deemed to be dead and immediately removed.


9.  A live rebounding jack within the confines of the rink but less than the minimum of 20m, shall be repositioned at the appropriate predefined point as described at rule 6.


10.  Measurements between the Jack, including a repositioned jack, and the live bowls will be carried out in the normal manner.


11.  Play shall be continuous – Players are not allowed to visit the head until after their second bowl has been played.


12.  In the event of a measure being requested, by one or both players an umpire shall be called.


     13.  Any Bowls used need to have a valid / current World Bowls Stamp.



14.  Players must report to the Tournament organiser by the Session start time to take part in the Draw for Section placement.


     15.   Dress shall be smart but casual in the qualifying rounds then whites (or Club

        colours) on the Finals day.

       Additionally there will be NO restrictions on sponsors logo sizes and /or locations on player’s shirts.


16.  In all cases where a dispute arises, and an umpire cannot rule, the tournament organiser’s decision shall be final.



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